Downtown Vision | Optometrists eye doctors are leaders in pre and post-operative management of laser eye surgery and can assist you in making the right medical decision.

Laser eye surgery is truly a modern scientific miracle and has changed millions of lives since its approval in the early ’90s. However, laser eye surgery is an elective medical procedure and individuals must meet specific physical and medical criteria before they are considered candidates. Also, there are different types of surgery available, and it is important patients receive the appropriate treatment for their situation.

Our comprehensive laser eye surgery consultations are designed to determine if you meet the medical criteria to proceed and to refer the best procedure and surgeon.

For over 20 years, Downtown Vision | Optometrists has developed strategic and longstanding relationships with the leading laser surgery centres in Toronto.

If you are a patient, who has had previous refractive eye surgery, the recommendation is that you have routine exams on a yearly basis to monitor the health of your eyes. Refractive eye surgery alters the way light rays enter your eye; it does not change the health of your eyes. The health of your eyes is more than 20/20 vision. Maintaining yearly routine eye examinations allows us to monitor the health of your eyes after surgery.